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Monster Chef Cartoon

Anyone watching The Dome Cooking Show will notice the little Monsters appear occasionally on the show. They are all part of a new cartoon series called MONSTER CHEF & a direct expansion spin off show from the creators of The Dome Cooking Show. 

Animation legend Todd Ramsay & Duran Bodasing team up for this epic animated adventure. 

Monster Chef
Show Synopsis

Chef Duran, a renowned cook with a popular reality show in the real world, finds himself on an extraordinary culinary adventure when a mysterious accident during a taping session transports him into a whimsical cartoon universe. In this vibrant, fantastical realm, Chef Duran encounters a cast of adorable and mischievous monsters, each with their unique personalities and cravings for exotic dishes. It’s up to Chef Duran to do what he does best - cook! With his trusty apron and cooking utensils in hand, Chef Duran embarks on a quest to satisfy the appetites of these lovable creatures while trying to find a way back home. Along the way, he forms unlikely friendships, learns the secret recipes of the cartoon world, and discovers the magic of cooking with a dash of imagination.


'MONSTER CHEF' is a heartwarming and hilarious journey filled with delicious food, laughter, and life lessons as Chef Duran teaches the monsters about the joys of culinary creativity and the importance of friendship & being the only human around.

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