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TDCS Books Season 1 & 2

Introducing The Dome Cooking Show Cookbooks for Season 1 & Season 2. Reflecting on the episodes and escapades directly from the show, Chef Duran continues to explore his fascination with pushing his comfort food recipes to the max and finding all kinds of interesting and tasty fresh new ways to feed your friends & family. From stocking your pantry, cool tools for your kitchen & learning how to combine flavours is all part of getting you ready for this delicious adventure!

Here we go! The Dome Cooking Show kicks off on CHEK TV with a bang and we are introduced to the great city of Vancouver BC where our host with the most Chef Duran lives in his wild Dome Penthouse in beautiful downtown Vancouver. Season One Cookbook is a wild ride as meet some of Durans amazing pals, see the city from some incredible angles and constantly cook up some incredible meals. 

Jump in Chef Duran's classic VW Bus and let's hit the highway! Season Two Cookbook is all about his adventures on the road as he drives from the top of British Columbia to the bottom and across the gorgeous landscape of the Okanagan Valley. From fishing to snowboarding, Chef Duran fears nothing and exposes himself to all kinds of fresh produce, meats & fish. Its an outdoor extranaganza filled with fun people and places. Let's get cookin Dman!

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